40 Best After Effects Scripts You Can Download

By Andy Moore
Oct 13th, 2015

After Effects Scripts are best 3D slideshow, animated text, parallax effect, bounce motion effects that can be added to your Adobe After Effects. In 2015 download these amazing stuff.

After Effects Scripts include text effects, bounce motions and slideshows or presentation. We have created an amazing collection that will make your life easier for sure. In the next minutes you will discover a new way to save time and money on your After Effects Scripts. These scripts are compatible with the most versions of the software provided by Adobe.

After Effects scripts come as .jsx files that can be easily imported and run. Within some minutes and using the instructions provided you will be able to create amazing things. Give them a try and enjoy the most amazing experience in your life and taking Adobe After Effects to the edge. You can buy and download these amazing works and use in your projects. Create movies, video clips and video blogs.

In this collection, we are sure that you will find something interesting and fun that you can use in your works. Like we said before, After Effects Scripts are a good and smart investment that you can make at the moment, especially if you are a video editor.

Crow Browser

Crow Browser is a script for After Effects that allows you to explore the folders of your hard drives like you would normally do in Finder/Explorer. You can easily import files directly from the script into After Effects project, you can open folders without spending time to find them, you can navigate and you can always check the help documentation by clicking the “?” button. Script files will be executed with double click.




Flex Effector

Flex Effector is a script for After Effects which allows you to create own effects, which are very easy to manage. Ideal for creating templates, presets, etc.




Creative Toolbox

The Creative Toolbox is a little tool for After Effects I made that gives you access to lots of interesting presets to improve your workflow! You can create background for your motion graphics works, camera rig with null controllers, vignetting based on the current composition, you can generate instantly transitions and expressions, and much more!

preview (60)



3D Slideshow Creator

We are glad to introduce our new project! With 3D Slideshow Creator you can create unlimited variations of slideshow with unlimited footage. Good for your media opener, slideshow, presentation, portfolio or gallery. Control everything: schemes of position and rotation of footage; duration of footage show; size of footage; camera settings; color of backgrounds and frames; add your own backgrounds, frames or design elements.





Hello everyone! This is KeysBinder – an After Effects script, created by the author (me) to other authors (you) on videohive. KeysBinder allows you to put complex animation in one simple slider. What does it mean? Do you ever want to give your customers the easy tool to control animation? Something like you already do with the colors. But now with whole animation. Where buyers can change it by few clicks. So now you can! KeysBinder groups keys together and creates slider that will control that group.




Magic Layers Pro

You can move the layers on which is applied this script orderly or randomly on x,y,z axis; you can rotate them in the same direction or randomly on the x,y,z axis; its size can be designed transversely, lengthwise or randomly. Their visibility can be changed randomly or all together. You can easily reset the changes you did. The reset process can be done one by one, in an order or all together. Moreover, you can create a more effective animation via an advanced camera rig.




Save The World

What is Save The World? It’s a script that can make your work more efficiently, it also can save almost 70% of your work time. This script can save and create all layer types in AE. Like solid layer, shape layer, image layer, video layer audio layer and composition layer, that means the project import-output of all versions of AE has become possible. This script also can save the source material, even if you lost your material.

590x300 (12)



Stretching Time

This script allows you to change the duration of your animations with just stretch the layer. You only need to put a marker where the IN ends and another where the OUT starts, and press Apply button. The script not only keeps input and output when you stretch the layer… also repeats the animation of middle the necessary times in loop format. The use of this script is too simple but also powerful. I hope you understand how helpful is.




Magic Marker

Magic Marker is a project management tool. This is an easiest marker management tool available for After Effects. Magic Marker could be very handy and helpful for your daily workflow. Let it be an easy or very complex project. Magic Marker comes with few very useful options like saving a number of presets for later use, Copy and paste any marker from one layer to another.




Credit Smith

Credit Smith is a script for Adobe After Effects that allows you to create 2 different types of credits for your videos. Its simple to use interface makes creating even the most complex credits simple!

preview img_00000



Masker v1.0

The script which split layers, by your own. Also width or height of rectangles can be randomized. Splitted elements have flexible control system.

preview image (19)



Layer Manager 3

It is helps to manage your layers in a timeline and viewport. And it is allow to save a lot of time while you working with layers. It’s so easy and so handy. Because it don’t require any special knowledge and have friendly-user interface.

Cover (1)



Timer Creator

Timer Creator is an Adobe After Effects script that allows you to create a customised and accurate timer instantly. Its user friendly interface allows you to create multiple timers very quickly. It is designed to automate as much of the process of creating a timer as possible, however it still allows you to: change fonts, positioning, add a drop shadow, fade the timer in, and more!

new larger thumb_00000_00000



EasyCam Camera Rig

EasyCam is a good time saver for users who work with 3D (2.5D) scenes inside Adobe After Effects. This expression-based Camera Rig allows you to easily control the camera in 3D environment. The possibility of such a camera you can appreciate in my last project.





This toolbar for After Effects allows to easily edit & mount your layers.

Preview (1)



Find and Replace Expressions

The find and replace expression tool lets you quickly search within a project, and it gives you the option to replace those terms with another in expressions. It work for all project, for selecten composition or for selected layers.




Composition Editor

I developed JC Comps toolbar to optimize the workflow. This toolbar for After Effects allows to easily edit your compositions.

Preview (61)



Low Poly

The Obj Importer for After Effects allows to add 3D lowpoly .obj models to your project. A model is converted into a set of 3D layers in a single composition. You can use simple shaders to control its color and transparency. Projects created in this way does not require any plugins. It works on AE CS5.5 (and above) for MAC and PC.





It’s a random position generator, that allows you to choose a range for each axis, and a minimum distance between the layers. In another words, when you randomize, the layers “look” to each other, avoiding pick up a position close to another layer.




ABC Animator

AbcAnimator is designed to facilitate creation and use of animated fonts. With this script you can quickly make animated version of any font and use it with ease.




Motion Mode

All you need is make animation in different compositions. Select animated layers and press 1 button. Transitions will generate by Motion Mode script. It works in full automatic mode. Motion Mode script based on base interpolation and bezier curves algorithms. That’s why your animation will be done in fast and smooth way. Ideal for create animated transition between complex composition with many animated elements and for create transition between different animated loops of characters.

Motion Mode Cover



Quick Assistant

You have was moments when in project is often used one and the same expression? Tired constantly press the Alt key and insert expressions? Now it’s quickly to make! Also in script there is change sequence layer on timeline and quick startup any scripts for your comfort! Easy and useful!

preview (62)



Mega Box Script

Mega Box is AE script to create the box behind every selected layer. You can add padding size (Top, Bottom, Left, and Right), roundness and set the box color or add a random one. Also, you can break or reverse your text layers.

MegaBox_preview image



Photos Videos Comps

This After Effects script will automatically add your imported items (Photos, Videos, Comps, Solids…) to the selected compositions in only two clicks. In a drop-down menu select your desired screen orientation acording to your selected compositions (Landscape, Portrait or Original).




Cluster v2.0

Cluster is a script for After Effects which allow you connect the objects in a couple of clicks. All connections is parametric so you can change them in a realtime. In the script included 3 basic connections: linear, parent and recursion. You can create a more complex patterns with them. Also here is included a 3 different type of lines: dash line, fill line and curve line. Cluster have 2 different versions. Script UI Panel version and Regular script to launch the main window at once.

Cover (2)



Curva Script

Curva is AE script to create a smooth animations of growth a paths based on Bezier algorithms. You just select the last two vertices on the Path object in a Shape layer and then the script does everything for you. Perfect for animating the appearance of letters, floral shapes and other such vector objects. My job motion-designer is forcing me to write a scripts. And I’d rather spend the time to create the code, rather than a routine. Now Curva help me and you to save a lot of time and I will see to it that it worked as it should.




aw_ExtendPrecomp is a great timesaver script for After Effects that extends pre-compose option.

Preview Videohive



2D Parallaxer

Create a new composition inside After Effects at the desired size, frame rate and length. Run the script to add 2D Parallaxer to your new comp. Choose between horizontal and vertical parallax and the number of parallaxing layers when setting up your animation. The script creates and organizes the necessary elements in your project file and composition without the use of 3D layers or a camera.





Just Draw is a script for Adobe After Effects that provides a simple way to make movie simulating drawing process either directly in AE or over the footage or text. You do not need to shoot a video. You should not be able to draw. There is no problem with timing. Enormous time savings.




Instant Slideshow Creator

Instant Slideshow Creator is a fully automated Adobe After Effects Slideshow Creator. It is designed to save you time and money. All you have to do is import your images, run the script, and you’re on your way to a customized slideshow in seconds!

thumb 1.1_00000



Multi Window

If you frequently use multi window project, and forced each time to change the materials in the project and scaled each file to the Composition size then this script is for you. it can save much time for you in tedious process and you may have much time to creative. What it does it do? This script can import and place all needed footages in your project only with 4 clicks. Also it can auto scale footage layers to fit comp and repeat process if footages count less than placeholder comps count.

preview (63)




aw_DarthFader is simple script for After Effects that allows you to create and control fast transition in few clicks.





The ScriptsManager is a daily workflow enhancement when it comes to running and managing a large amount of script files. Features: – Run Scripts from your User Interface – Integrate into existing User Interface – Adds new available scripts at runtime* (click the refresh button) – Choose a custom scripts folder location – Create favorites for quicker access – Search for scripts.




Prismatic Slideshow

This script generates the old-school 3-side prismatic panel. It may be used for indoor and outdoor advertising displays, billboards, posters and the like. The “Slideshow” is optional. You can use this panel as a basis for new project or insert it an existing project. It is possible to use several panels in one project.





aeNotes is a script for Adobe After Effects that will help organize your work in After Effects by letting you add notes, remove them, edit them, apply finished task option and save/reload anytime anywhere.

preview_Image (1)




aw_Triangulator is powerful After Effects script that creates Delaunay triangulation effect using position from selected layers and has some nice additional features.

Placeholder 590x300



Shape Array Creater

This is a simple script to creat shape array You can use it to do many things include: ShapeArray script(main creat tool) ShapeMap script(attached mapping tool) Simple tutorial video Expression example project.

590x300 (13)




mControl is an automatic control generating tool for after effects. It is very useful if you want to create one click controls for your After Effect project or you need to create some custom controls for some properties.

mControl Preview



Slicer 1.0v.

Slicer 1.0v is a script that will slice your footage into a grid of masked layers. Simple and easy to use. Save time.