30+ Best Free After Effects Templates

By Andy Moore
Nov 23rd, 2016

Free Adobe After Effects Templates is the best logo, Christmas project, film strip, intro, title, text, wedding, typography templates to download in 2016.

These Free After Effects Templates for Adobe After Effects CS5,CS6, CC, 2016 are perfect for logo reveal, Christmas related projects, weddings, family albums and slideshows, film strips, intros, text and typography. They can be downloaded in a wide range. They come with video tutorials and documentation so getting started with them is really easy. 3D logo reveals and other 3D elements, placeholders for photo and video are also included in the pack. Such Adobe After Effects Templates will suit startup and business presentations.

Explainers are also quite popular and easy to create in Adobe After Effects. Photo galleries and photo slideshows, or flipping books are real stars between video content creators as they add professionalism to their work. This is quite amazing being able to create masterpieces in a short period of time.

Free After Effects Templates are popular on the markets, that’s why we have created a special collection for you. Pick up the example you like the most and give it a try. You’ll definitely like the result you’ll have.

Mosaic Photo Reveal

A complex project made easy to use through this template. Customise an elegant video project, for all occasions. Showcase 100 photos to reveal a special image of someone for their birthday, wedding, anniversary, Xmas, Easter, special occasions, travel destination, product launch or for your company conference. Drag and drop in your photos, adjust the position of each to your liking, add audio, then hit render! Some bonus texture images have been included if you’d like to use it as the background.




Photo Gallery

A beautiful display of your images gently swaying on branches of a birch tree on a sunny afternoon. Suitable for any occasion, it includes 3 versions depending on how many images you wish to display.




Photo Motion Pro

Audio used in preview video: 4K (UHD) resolution is only supported on Adobe After Effects CC and above (CS6 version is up to 1080p only).




Black Classic 3D Logo

100% After Effects. You can change everything. Ambient occlusion 3D look with reflections inside After Effects. The file is very easy to change. Just replace the logo and render it. You can also type a text inside After Effects and use this with the 3D effect! No Plugins required. (Only the Cycore plugins included in After Effects must be installed). Editable with After Effects CS5, CS5.5, CS6 or CC. A bonus black and a bonus color version is also included.. Fast render time! 1920×1080 30fps Full HD. The Logoanimation is 14 seconds long. A new video tutorial is included.




Logo Intro Elegance

After Effects CS4 or Higher. FULL HD 1920×1080p / HD 1280×720p. No plugins required. Easy to edit. 2 AE Files Versions (Original – PreRender). 1 Logo placeholder. 1 Logo + Web address Text Placeholder. 1 Text placeholder. Fast render time. Help File and Video Tutorial Included. Duration: 8 sec.




140 Flash FX Elements




Pixity Land

Very cool and clean project to create a great animated explainer for your start-up or company. The main idea was marketing business base toolkit with lots of feature and with possibility to change the story and each elements separately. So this package comes with more than 500 unique elements that you can place them everywhere, changing the colors and make your animated explainer. Also with the “unlimited character system” you can create amazing characters.




500 Animated Icons

The Animated Icons project is a consistent set of flat icons designed to give life to any project it is added to. The design was guided by perfectionism and precision for maximum user satisfaction. Each icon has its own custom build up animation and then it loops infinitely. Simply drag & drop the chosen icons into your project, set your colors and (optional) shadow by a few clicks and you are done! There is a general color scheme applied to all icons, but you can make exceptions and set specific colors for each icon. All icons include sound effects.




Ultimate Earth Zoom Toolkit

With The Ultimate Earth Zoom Toolkit you can zoom in on anywhere on Earth and work on topnotch graphics and visual elements. It’s the ultimate all-in-one solution for all your broadcasting, game development, documentary, corporate identity or whatever-you-can-think-of needs. The comprehensive library of unique features enables you to change anything you want, add an immense amount of markers and graphics and customize every single piece according to your needs.




Logo 3D Levels

Main Features: 100% After Effects. FullHD 1920×1080 and HD 1280×720. After Effects CS4 or higher. Animation (17 seconds & 8 seconds). 2 files included (Automatic & Manual). Easy to use. No Plugins required. Bonus Animation (Logo 90°). VideoTutorial. Help PDF.




Kinetic Typography Pack

Above This Project Is Fully Modular For You To Have Freedom And Originality To Create Your Unique Typography  Ideal For : Coprorate Kinetic Typography, Promotion , Social Identity,Presentation,Typography Opener!




Multi Video & Multi Text

This is an unique and useful logo formation in 2 versions for your text and images, giving an edge to display your product line. your achievements. for news id, sports title, fashion work. form your logo with diversified fields of companies. display your versatile expertise as an individual. or as per your imagination and need.




Particle Reveal

Logo animation revealing your corporate or personal brand with three different styles to choose from.




210 Title Animations

200 Ready made Massive Different Style Title Animation project Pack with 10 LOGO reveals. Ready to use. When you work with this title pack , you dont need any plugins and expressions or script. Really simple and traditional animation technique. Each title have IN / OUT animation. Title animation time 6 – 8 sec. Two projects included. 4K and HD. 210 separate projects. Very simple to edit text and color. Just drag in to your composition and hit render. You can mix with the others and use as a Kinetic Typography. Preview text edit version included.




Colorful Particles

This is a logo reveal template with beautiful and elegant colors particles, very much suitable for you website, presentation, promotion etc. HD resolution (1920×1080p, 1280×720p). No plugins required. Particles are prerendered from external 3d application and is 24fps. easy to change the colors of particles. Help video included within the main zip file. Drag and Drop Logo customization. Audio by Scoring Audio Geeks, get it from the following link.




Tablet Commercial

Due to the high demand, I’m presenting the landscape version of Tablet Commercial, which is especially great for developes who design their apps in landscape view. Version 3 also includes 4 new mockups. For anyone who purchased Tablet Commercial before August 5, This update is free of charge. Please re-download the project file by going to your profile page and clicking the Downloads tab.




Whiteboard Kit




Quantum HUD

After releasing most popular HUD pack (Phantom HUD Infographic) we’ve decided to take Hitech & HUD world into a new level and guess what we achieve? Yes, Quantum – Modular HUD Infographic Package . Modern , professional and new style in HUD and infographics elements. Useful elements for making Technology and mysterious intros, previewing games, Tracking and match moving videos and etc. In this package we have both complex HUD& data infographics and modular HUDs. So you can combine them to make your own High Tech elements.




Lower Thirds

Version 7.0. 50 unique lower thirds and 2 logo animations. High quality. No plugins required. Customizable. Easy to use. Detailed tutorial inside. Free font.




Album Memories

On old paper sheets you can hardly see shapes and silhouettes that are so familiar to you, just as we keep past events in our memory. Then pictures appear. They come to the surface just as events of our past life emerge in our memory. “Album Memories” will help you to experience the warmest feelings again and to keep pictures that are dear to your heart in video format. You can dedicate “Album Memories” to various events, for example, anniversary, birthdays, wedding-day, party, and even the loss of the dear ones.




Photo Animator

As many of us often do, we get into the situation that we need to implement photos into a video (documentary, image film, reportage,… you name it) The easy way of doing this is to simply zoom into the photo or pan over it. If you want to give your photos more “life” you begin to draw masks and animate single parts of the photo to give the illusion of some camera movement. This can be very time consuming. So I started to build a tool wich helps me do this and cuts the time doing so tremendously. I have been using and improving it for over a year now and it has already saved me so much time.




Infographics 3D

Infographics Map Kit is designed for easy creation of nice-looking presentations. It will save a lot of time for professionals and quite accessible to the beginner video producers. There are no plug-ins required (except optional Optical Flares). For anyone who purchased Infographics 3D Map Kit before July 15, This update is free of charge. Please re-download the project file by going to your profile page and clicking the Downloads tab.




30 Simple Titles

30 Simple Titles (Version 04). 30 Unique Original Titles & Lower Thirds. 540p, 720p, 1080p (1920×1080), 2K and 4K (3840×2160) resolutions. Easily to customize with the Title Controller : Zoom, Color, Background ON/OFF, Shadow and Duration Control. Duration Controller. Universal Expressions. All scenes have different animations. 16:9 Square Pixels. Compatible with After Effects CS5, CS5.5, CS6 and CC. Video tutorial included (HD). Easy to customize project. Well organized.




Neon Sign Kit

Neon Sign Kit features everything you need to create realistic, 3D neon signs directly from After Effects. A simple yet powerful set up that’s perfect for creating neons with your text, logos and images – no plugins required. Take your scenes even further with all of the built-in extra features, including the ability to make a 3D sign, put your neon between panes of glass, place it on an editable truss system, or mount it to a wall. Created with simplicity in mind, all neons are seamlessly animated using one simple slider – a powerful setup to create amazing results with minimal work.




Big Type Lower Thirds & Titles

11 Different Elements. 4 Differently Positioned Titles (optional top & bottom text). Lower Third (optional top & bottom text). 4 Two Line Lower thirds (2 variations left) (2 variations right). Top Caption. Bottom Caption.




Elegant Extrusion

Just drop in your logo and render! If you’d like to customize the animation further, simply tweak some of the camera moves or re-time some of the animations, and you can turn this project into something completely different in a matter of minutes. Included with the project file is a in-depth video tutorial to help you customize the project quickly and easily.




Flip Characters

This is a super versatile template to write text or numbers, to build counters or a clock from flipping characters. Sound effect included in the project file. Important features: large shapes for FULL HD resolution. black and white versions included. 2 tutorials to learn how to use the template. no third party plugins. step by step help file included.




Photo Frames

Photo Frames invites you to display your photos, thoughts, ideas and personality through an elegant and dynamic HD presentation. This stylish project, with premade designs, is ready for you to fill with your images, and make it your own. Combine your photos and/or videos with powerful text, and choose the perfect musical bed to enhance your message. Premade transitions keep your presentation flowing seamlessly, while your words and music add depth and direction.




Corporate Typography Pack

Very cool and clean typography project. The main idea was making business base typography with lots of feature and with possibility to change the story. So this package comes with 27 scenes including social , internet, infographic and corporate animations.





Package includes: video tutorial. PDF help File. TypoKing (After Effects file). TypoKing Assistant ( After Effects Script) Features: 22 Different Category of Typographies & Titles. pack of 450 Typography. one pack of 50 Bounce Elements. 4k resolution. Helpful Script (TypoKing Assistant).